Our Mission

Bring incredible developer experience to everyone

Our Philosophy

We believe that developer experience is the foundation of engineering productivity. We believe we can help companies achieve this with world-class DevEx tooling—the kind previously available to only the largest organizations. We believe that innovative yet familiar web technologies and collaboration workflows are the way forward.

Who we are

Cased was founded in early 2020 by former GitHub engineers, product managers, and leaders. We've since grown with new people and new ideas, and we work fully distributed across multiple timezones.

Core Values

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We believe that working with people from different backgrounds and experiences brings out the best in companies. Embracing differences and encouraging a diverse and inclusive culture leads to better products, smarter decisions, and a healthy, safe, vibrant workplace.

  • Integrity and Ownership

    We're an early-stage startup. Every employee at Cased is an integral part of shaping the future of our product, and the company we become. Working with integrity and taking ownership of the things we do at Cased helps us grow as people and as a company.

  • Communication and Collaboration

    As a distributed team, communication and collaboration are vital to our success. We believe transparency leads to better results, and that members of our team should always know what is happening, and why.


If our mission, values, and the opportunity to join a growing, early-stage startup resonate with you, please look to apply on our jobs page. We're hiring!