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Cased Shell Admin Portal

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen


We're very excited to introduce a new way to deploy Cased Shell onto your production environment. With our cloud-agnostic one-step curl-to-bash installation process, Cased Shell is ready to go on a new or existing cluster in just about 10 minutes.

Now not only is this deployment method fast, secure, and easy to use—it comes with an exclusive admin portal. This admin portal enables you to have complete oversight and control over the cluster you deploy Cased Shell with. From monitoring and managing cluster health, automatic updates and version control, snapshots and more, this post will cover everything that is included with the newest installment method of Cased Shell.

Updates and Version Control

The admin portal makes software updates seamless—you can configure automatic updates with just one click. To ensure that customers know what happens in these automatic updates, they will additionally be provided release notes, preflight checks, and deployment logs of every update that occurs.

Cluster Management and Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your cluster's health comes with the admin portal. Visual analytics of your disk, CPU, and memory usage are available for additional insights.

In addition to cluster monitoring, you can manage your cluster right from the portal. Whether you need to drain a node, or add a node, the portal will give you the code snippets necessary to complete your task.


Snapshots are crucial for rollback and disaster recovery scenarios. Our admin portal allows you to configure automatic or manual snapshots of your Cased Shell data, like session history and session recordings. All it takes are two steps: selecting a backup destination and then customizing how often the backups occur.

Embedded Troubleshooting

If Cased Shell is not performing the way it should be, you can generate a support bundle in the "Troubleshooting" section of the admin portal.

This will securely provide us with a filtered set of diagnostic info and logs to help us diagnose the issue. For additional security and protection, you can configure redactors which are YAML specifications that define which data to remove when generating a support bundle to make sure the information passed along is for your eyes only.

Cased Shell Configuration

The admin portal offers some basic configuration options for your Cased Shell instance. Whether it's setting up which hosts you want one-click access to via Cased Jump, ingress configuration, or even editing the Cased Shell hostname, this customization is available in our admin portal.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.