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Add approval workflows to Rails in minutes

Bryan Byrne avatarWritten by Bryan Byrne

We're big fans of Ruby on Rails at Cased and we created the cased-rails gem to make it a breeze to add Cased approval workflows to any Rails application.

To get started:

  1. Install the cased-rails gem.
  2. Add mount Cased::Rails::Engine => '/cased' to your routes.rb file. This allows Cased to render some approval workflow views when necessary.
  3. Add before_action to any action you'd like to add approvals to. Whether the action is used to impersonate users, credit accounts, or access sensitive data, it's easy to get started.

All production rails console sessions can also be configured to require peer approval before sessions start. Cased also integrates with PagerDuty to auto approve sessions when someone is on call.