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February 2022 Updates

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen

Welcome to our February 2022 Cased update! We hope you enjoy this quick recap of what our team has been building and improving on to make production work easier.

Enhanced shell experience

We're consistently developing and finding new ways to improve Cased Shell to give our users the best developer experience possible. Our latest product updates were tailored around performance, specifically speed. Users are now able to start up and share production shell sessions faster than ever.

Inline approvals (beta)

We are currently in the beta phase for our built in per-command approvals. For example, organizations can customize specific commands like kubectl, terraform, and rails, to log access and add peer approvals in Slack. Developers will need to enter a reason and be approved (or by a self-approval, if configured), when users run a command-line application. Additionally, all access, and access requests, will be logged to a Cased audit trail, giving you visibility and alerting.

Plugins (beta)

We want users to have custom, tailored experiences while using Cased Shell. With plugins, developers will now be able to bring their own functionality to Cased, including integrations, with simple Javascript plugins. From changing your terminal's color/styling, to being able to integrate with your favorite third party tool, Cased allows users to have a better developer experience when working in production.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.