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Run your Heroku CLI with Cased Shell in 5 minutes

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen


Many great companies like Heroku offer command line interfaces (CLI) to supplement their product to allow developers to use, create, and manage their apps or branches directly from their local terminal. However, running these CLIs locally, in your siloed terminal, is not the best practice. Not only are you losing the full capabilities of the CLI by running it locally, you are also adding a device attack vector by saving private credentials to your own (stealable, losable) machine. For example, when you are running the Heroku CLI locally, if you want to do any remote debugging, or start an SSH session, you have to create secure SSH tunnels into a dyno that takes multiple steps, for every, single session. There are more limitations to this practice - only allowing SSH connections up to an hour as well as not having the config vars set as environment variables.

A better way to get the most out of the Heroku CLI is by running it on a small SSH container with Cased.

The process of setting up a SSH container with Cased to run the Heroku CLI takes only 5 minutes - and the value is immediate.

  • Developers won't have to worry about SSHing their way into the container every time they need access to the server - Cased's auto prompt detection allows one click connections for developers to access their prompts. No SSH key management necessary.
  • For DevOps teams, if you need to run scripts daily or weekly, Cased's built-in snippets allows you to save code blocks and build a knowledge base that can be reused by your team.
  • For knowledge sharing, developers can now share current or past sessions with other developers as everything is recorded and saved with Cased's persistent storage.
  • Engineering leadership also gains total visibility of what's going on under the hood with approval workflows and with every session being audited and logged.

Running your favorite CLI on a SSH container with Cased empowers your team to do more than just running it locally. Reap all of the benefits of your CLI by running it with Cased Shell.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.