Incident key events

Incident key events

Jun 20, 2024

Working with incidents and anomalies requires comprehensive context. That's why we’re excited about Key Events. This feature gathers all critical events from your connected services, providing a fuller view of what's happening during an incident.

Recent Deploys

Easily track recent deployments and connect them to specific incidents. Understand what code is currently in production and see if recent changes might be causing issues.

Merged and Unmerged Pull Requests

Gain insights into your codebase with details about recently merged pull requests, as well as those that were opened but not merged. This helps in identifying potential sources of bugs or unfinished work that could impact the system.

Alerts and Metric Spikes

Monitor your system’s health with alerts and metric spikes from your monitoring tools. Key Events highlight these anomalies, enabling you to correlate them with incidents and understand their impact.

Infrastructure Changes

Stay updated on recent changes to your infrastructure. Whether it’s a configuration update or a new service deployment, knowing what has changed helps in troubleshooting and pinpointing issues.

Coming next:
  • Aggregate similar events intelligently.

  • Hight critical key events using LLM.

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© 2024 Cased, Inc. All rights reserved.