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May 2022 Updates

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen

Welcome to our May 2022 Cased update! We hope you enjoy this recap of what we've been building towards creating the modern engineering enablement platform.

Runbooks (Alpha)

Cased Runbooks automate the complex tasks that engineering, operations, and support teams do every day. Runbooks help reduce mistakes and speeds up production work. With runbooks, you can even allow developers to run queries or execute commands without direct production access. Get in touch here if you're interested in learning more about how Cased will turn your repetitive production tasks into one-click runbooks.

Approvals for Runbooks

Cased already brings visibility and control to your production work with our inline approvals. The same functionality will be available with Runbooks as well. With approvals you can keep your production tooling available and open, while making sure their use is safe and uniform.

Getting terraform production-ready

terraform is the lingua franca of cloud infrastructure automation. It has the power to perform any task related to infrastructure ranging from automating the provisioning of instances, to managing Kubernetes clusters on multi-cloud environments. For such a powerful tool for production, there needs to be security workflows in place. In our latest Cased Study, read more about how you can make terraform production-ready for your environment.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.