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October 2021 Updates

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen

In September we released a number of product updates to keep improving developer experience in the Cased terminal for teams. Catch the features listed below!

Try out Cased in less than 60 seconds

New users can now try out Cased Shell on their local environments in less than one minute. It's as easy as copying and pasting a line of code into your local shell. Watch our demo to get Cased up and running on your setup.

Upgraded snippet functionality

Cased's snippet functionality allows developers to easily save and share common shell scripts with your team. No more searching through out-of-date wikis or random documentation, Cased Shell can be your single source of truth for all production work. Save hundreds of scripts and easily search through them right at your prompt. Click here to learn more about snippets.

Redesigned settings page

We've redesigned the workflow of our settings page for a friendlier user experience. Whether you're trying to roll your secret key, set up Slack approvals, or configure more hosts, Cased makes it easy for you to administer your instance.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.