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Announcing Cased's $2.25 million in funding

Ted Nyman avatarWritten by Ted Nyman

We started working on Cased to help software teams move faster by focusing on developer experience.

We saw first-hand how a great developer experience increases velocity while we led teams at Facebook and GitHub. We believe it's the secret to building productive, happy teams that consistently deliver great software.

But nobody releases their best internal developer tools to the world.

Our customers tell us about existing bottlenecks in their development workflows, and how hard it is for engineers to work safely in production. We hear how long it takes to onboard new team members, and the difficulty of deploying legacy solutions for these problems.

It's these stories that drive to the core idea of Cased: great developer experience is critical to building a great engineering organization—and it shouldn't cost millions of dollars in developer time to do it well. Open access to tools and systems is possible with Cased.

Developer-friendly access, visibility, and logging becomes the new default. Innovative companies are using Cased every day to move faster and ship their products to their customers with confidence.

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We're excited to announce our $2.25 million in seed funding led by Founders Fund. Angel investors in the round include Jason Warner, CTO at GitHub; Cipora Herman, CFO of the 2028 Olympics and former VP of Finance at Facebook; Vlado Herman, former CFO at Yelp and GitHub; and Paul St. John, former SVP of Worldwide Sales at GitHub.

P.S. We're hiring