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Replay your past SSH sessions

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen

Visibility into production work helps improve engineering efficiency, builds a true learning culture, and ultimately ensures product quality—all while helping teams stay compliant. Having records of good production workflows as well as production mistakes you've made in the past helps teams learn and share best practices.

Session replay in Cased empowers developers and support engineers with total visibility into their organization's production work. Cased logs the location and IP address of the user, the user's reason, and target host for each SSH session. Cased Shell securely records each remote SSH session—team members can then replay the session to accelerate knowledge sharing across the organization, plus ensure safe auditing of activity.

Simply just share a link to your teammates or click "View recording" on the session you want to review.

If you're interested and want to learn more about Cased Shell, feel free to schedule a demo, read the documentation, or send us an email at team@cased.com.