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Easy temporary access to remote hosts with Cased

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen


When developing software, it is inevitable that you will encounter roadblocks and need assistance. Whether your organization needs help debugging some work in production, or needs help with one certain part of the solution that they don't 100% understand - sometimes you need an expert from a different org or a third party to get mission-critical work done. Traditionally, in order to get these outside users the access to machines they need, they need to be administered access through SSH keys. However, organizations are often hesitant to do this due to the drawbacks of ordinary SSH key provisoning: long onboarding times, and users granted permanent or too much access. Due to the risks of giving a third-party permanent access to your servers, organizations would often end up with cumbersome processes. With Cased, you can empower your organizations with confidence to give temporary access to third party users with ease - without having to use SSH keys. Add a user to a remote host as easily and quickly as you add a user to a GitHub repository.

Administer access through your existing identity provider

There are two ways access can be granted to a user with Cased - via your existing identity provider, or through Cased's user management. In this blog post, we'll go over how to give access via your identity provider. To do this, simply just add the user to your identity provider. From there, use Cased's Groups and Permissions to delegate which server they have access to. And that's it. In minutes, that user will have access to the server.

Like all sessions in Cased, the session created by the third party can be monitored in real time, and will be logged and audited. For additional security, you can set up an additional one-click approval in Slack so that an admin from the company has to approve of the session.

Once the job is finished, to remove access from the user simply just delete them from your IdP. It's that easy - no more worrying about SSH keys. Temporary access can be given and revoked in minutes with Cased.

If you're interested and want to learn more schedule a demo or visit our documentation.