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Add visibility to your developer tools

Bryan Byrne avatarWritten by Bryan Byrne

Being part of a growing company is incredibly exciting as an engineer, whether you’re shipping new features to customers or scaling systems to meet increased demand. Unfortunately when a company hits a certain size people start to lose track of who’s doing what and why. This lack of visibility is a risk for companies and tends to result in two things happening that impact developer productivity and happiness:

  • Access to tools and systems is restricted. Unfortunately, companies can no longer justify the risk of everyone being able to deploy code to production or access the production database.
  • Complex access management tooling is created. Some companies, with the resources to do so, create custom tooling that provides visibility into who’s doing what––like requiring two factor authentication to access command line tools or requiring peer approval to run sensitive commands.

The unintended consequence of these actions is a suboptimal developer experience, tasks that were once easy are now difficult:

  • I can’t resolve this bug without production database access.
  • I need to impersonate this user to resolve their issue.
  • I need to quick ship a hot fix to this bug.

Cased delivers the developer tool visibility growing companies need, allowing them to keep access to critical tools open and improve developer happiness and productivity. Some of our capabilities include:

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