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Overview of Cased Shell

Ted Nyman avatarWritten by Ted Nyman

Working in production, especially when using a technology like SSH, is too often done in the shadows, too often done with cumbersome access control procedures, and—especially given the sensitivity of operations done via remote shells—often lacking in visibility.

Cased Shell not only fixes those problems for remote SSH, but also brings a host of new advantages to your engineering and operations teams. See it in action here.

With Cased Shell, you get the benefits of access control to SSH via your identity provider, you automatically get the benefits of SSH certificates, the technology that the world's most advanced organizations use for remote access control, you get web-based collaboration, helping bring siloed devops work into the open, and you get advanced web-based tech, like auto-linking.

Cased Shell securely runs on your own infrastructure, with minimal setup time, and trivial operational requirements.

You can authenticate with an identity provider like Okta or GSuite. Instead of manually managing SSH keys, all of your access control is done through your ordinary identity provider, with its 2-factor authentication features, the same way you manage access to everything else in your organization.

Once authenticated, access to the remote host itself is done with one-time use SSH certificates. Instead of manually managing SSH keys, and worrying about onboarding and off-boarding users, everything is handled transparently, in the background.

Now we can simply select a host — Cased has the ability to automatically find and register hosts on cloud providers like AWS. And then, using Cased's robust Approval API and logging, you are then prompted to enter a reason for access. All access to the remote host is now logged.

And since we've moved SSH from isolated terminals into the collaborated web, you can easily share sessions with other members of your team, helping bring visibility and an extra set of eyes to sensitive operations.

If you're interested and want to learn more about Cased Shell, feel free to schedule a demo, read the documentation, or send us an email at team@cased.com.