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A terminal for teams

Ted Nyman avatarWritten by Ted Nyman

From the earliest versions of digital computers, we've had access to terminals. As developers we feel at home in a terminal; running commands, navigating file trees, and debugging production issues is second nature to us. The terminal remains the fastest, most effective way to work in production and on local development. For all sorts of production work, especially for incident response, opening a remote shell with a terminal interface is a necessity.

But for decades, terminal and shell workflows haven't evolved while software development has.

  • They are not collaborative—you work in a silo
  • Developers are constantly copy-pasting lines of code into terminal windows, an error-prone process
  • Visibility is poor, for even the most important actions—it's hard to know what people are doing
  • Remote shell access requires separate identity with SSH keys, which are difficult to manage
  • A lack of review and approval for production terminal work increases the chance of mistakes and downtime

We want to make all of this better.

Cased Shell brings everything we love about the modern web—collaboration, simple and secure authentication, fast and delightful UX, and more—to the old reliable terminal interface that every developer knows.

Cased Shell is a web application, running on your own infrastructure, that combines the power of SSH with the ease of your existing IdP access control. It makes use of one-time use SSH certificates, the best practice for SSH access—meaning no more SSH keys to manage.

And it does a lot more than that: Cased Shell improves developer experience with session recording, session sharing, complete audit logging, and an API to extend functionality. Cased Shell can even auto-discover the location of your remote hosts, so no more need to manage inventory lists.

It's everything you'd expect from modern development software, brought right to the terminal.

Cased's mission is to improve developer experience—with its ubiquity and importance, the terminal was a natural place for us to start. Our vision for Cased Shell is simple: bring brilliant developer experience to terminal workflows, especially for remote production work.

This means happier developers, faster development time, better incident response, and better compliance and visibility.

It's time for the terminal to meet modern development.

More highlights:

  • Cased Shell runs without new agents on your hosts: just keep using sshd.
  • Cased Shell access is entirely browser-based and very fast: moving to the browser opens up all sorts of possibilities for integrations, sharing, and collaboration.
  • SSH terminal sessions move out of the shadows and into a shareable, visible, yet still secure environment.
  • And when Cased Shell is combined with the power of Cased's approvals workflows, you get full visiblity and control—without sacrificing the powerful dev tools that engineers know and love.

If you're interested and want to learn more about Cased Shell, feel free to schedule a demo, read the documentation, or send us an email at team@cased.com.