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Workflow API now available

Christian Nguyen avatarWritten by Christian Nguyen

Workflows are an integral component of every software development lifecycle. When dealing with sensitive data that only senior engineers or executives should have access to, workflows usually require some form of approval. This can halt the productivity and innovation of a developer - resulting in lower-quality code and potentially missing sprint deadlines. However, our Workflow API, will give developers the productivity necessary in shipping production level code. Cased's Workflow API allows you to programmatically create approval workflows and then submit events to those workflows. You can customize who can respond to approval requests, number of approvals required, who is required to approve, where approval notices are delivered, and more.

If you're interested and want to learn more about the Workflow API, feel free to schedule a demo, send us an email at team@cased.com, read our technical documentation, or use our Terraform provider—making it easy to apply configuration-as-code principles in the development and maintaining your workflows.