The visibility and controls you need in internal tools

Add just-in-time approval workflows and compliant audit trails to any web application in minutes –– without frustrating your team

Watch a 2 minute demo of approval workflows and command line session recording

Add Cased approval workflows and audit trails to any app in less than 15 minutes — you shouldn't need to change your roadmap to get the visiblity you need.

HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant audit trails for any app

Improve your compliance story with audit trails security teams love.

Reporting and activity monitoring

Monitor and track activity in any tool for incident investigations, auditors, and operations.

Developer friendly APIs

Our APIs make it easy to add access control, peer approval, and two-factor authentication to custom internal tools and admin control panels

Create a custom audit trail in minutes

Our open source SDKs allow you to add a HIPAA compliant, and SOC 2 certified, audit trail to any application in minutes.

We've spent years building audit trails, let us handle the hard parts for you. We enforce immutability, mask sensitive data, and are built to scale with you.

Audit trail API example

Require approval of sensitive operations

Bring the confidence of two factor approvals to operations that access sensitive operation or make critical changes.

Customize approval requirements to meet your needs. Allow self approvals for emergencies and configure session time limits.

API example

Schedule reports and trigger alerts

Save time by sending detailed reports to anyone in your company who needs to review access to sensitive data, account for suspicious activity, or understand what's happening across your applications.

Exporting data from Cased