Simple, developer friendly production visibility and approvals

Keep every command line tool available as your team grows. Monitor usage, enable peer approvals for sensitive operations, and share knowledge throughout your organization.

Watch a 2 minute demo of approval workflows and command line session recording

Setup Cased with session recording in less than 15 minutes with any command line tool — you shouldn't need to change your roadmap to get the visiblity you need.

Monitor usage and activity for any command line tool — even custom tools
Require peer approval and two-factor authentication for sensitive operations
Get alerts when suspicious activity is detected

Use your command line tools as normal

Cased CLI uses a lightweight approach to seamlessly add visibility and controls to the command line tools you already use, without disrupting how your team works.

~ psql
Protected by Cased, commands are recorded
psql=> select * from users;

Require approval of sensitive operations

Bring the confidence of code review to command line tools that access sensitive data or make critical changes.

Customize approval requirements to meet your needs. Allow self approvals for emergencies and configure session time limits.

Integrate easily, without agents or sidecars

Cased CLI uses lightweight shims that wrap your existing command line programs, plus an easy-to-use open source command-line client.

This means no agents or sidecars to install, minimal operational burden, and a workflow that engineers love.

~ terraform apply
Protected by Cased, commands are recorded
Checking for approval…
✅ Approved

Visibility and suspicious activity alerts

All activity is recorded using Cased's best in class Audit Trails, making it easy to replay sessions, search over history, review access, and understand who is using command line tools and why.

Get the code

Cased CLI is available on GitHub:

Cased CLI works with the tools you already use



Google Cloud




Ruby on Rails



Our first priority is security

Cased is SOC 2 Type II certified, HIPAA compliant, and uses AES-256 bit encryption on all of our data.