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Access, automation, and approvals at a fast-growing, Series A company

Learn how Rewatch uses Cased to speed up engineer onboarding, open up access to critical tools, and remain compliant with SOC2 and ISO-27001 standards for selling to large enterprise customers.

About Rewatch

Rewatch, a Cased customer, empowers teams to work smarter with video. With Rewatch's video communication platform, companies can capture and share all their videos—from all-hands meetings to project updates—in one place. Teams around the world use Rewatch to collaborate faster, stay informed, and accomplish more.

The problem

As Rewatch looks to engage with larger enterprise customers, they are finding themselves particularly focused on security and compliance.

"We don't want to deal with managing SSH keys and passwords when onboarding and offboarding people."

In particular, customers wanted to know:

How do you manage access to your production systems? Is it logged?

Rewatch realized they needed a tool to manage and audit production access, but they didn't want to limit engineers' ability to get important work done.

For Scott Goldman, CTO of Rewatch, coming up with an in-house solution was simply not an option. “It would be a considerable and ongoing amount of work and time that we don’t have.” He also mentioned that “managing permissions in AWS is a nightmare.”

The solution

After a review of potential options, Rewatch chose Cased as a platform to maintain compliance while empowering engineers. “Other solutions either required engineers to install software on their machines or took too long to set up. We liked that Cased could be setup quickly to audit our production access in under an hour. It was just what we needed,” Scott said.

"Cased allowed us to meet our segregation of duties and production access requirements for SOC2 and ISO 27001 on day one."

Cased’s primary benefit to Rewatch was the elimination of SSH key management. Since hiring was high on the priority list, the team was pleased to hear how Cased can make onboarding as easy as adding a user to your IdP.

Additionally, one-click prompt connection, approval workflows, and searchable SSH history enabled Rewatch’s engineering team to go in and out of production quickly and securely.

If you're in a similar siuation to Rewatch and want to gain quick and secure access, automation, and inline-approvals at your company, feel free to schedule a demo.