Cased for Fintech

Be able to run your company as a fast-moving technology startup instead of a highly-regulated bank. Empower your employees without compromising security and compliance.


SOC 2 Type 2 compliant audit trails for any app

Improve your compliance story with audit trails security teams love.

Just in time approvals

Bring the confidence of code review to any command, add approval workflows to sensitive operations.

Organization wide visibility

Record and audit any session. See who's doing what and easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements.


Secure collaboration in production is a necessity for fast-growing fintech companies. Engineers, developers, and support folks must be able to share what they're working on with their teammates—while staying compliant and secure. Cased gives fintech companies the organization-wide transparency and safe processes they need to stay compliant and productive.

Deployed in your own secure environment, Cased offers visibility features like session monitoring, session replays, session sharing, and activity logs. This level of visibility keeps you compliant so you can empower developers to still get work done in production, quickly.

Developer Experience and Remote Access

Cased allows developers in the finance industry to work in a heavily regulated space and still maintain a strong engineering culture. Because of its many features to increase engineering velocity, there are no long, expensive onboarding periods or productivity.

Cased uses SSH certificates, the best practice for SSH, and provisions users via your existing identity provider. Logging into production is as simple as logging into your email. Getting to the right prompt you need is 10x faster with Cased. No need to search for containers, hostnames or IP addresses to get where you need to be. Cased offers auto-host discovery to intelligently discover the right prompt you need.

Stay compliant and fast in production

The union between expensive, highly-embedded technology stacks and strict government regulations can make it challenging for financial services companies to quickly change security policies or add and update their tech. With Cased, you can stay inside these regulations without compromising your engineering velocity.

With approval workflows and ephemeral SSH certificates - developers no longer have to wait for long processes to do critical production work. Provisioning and logging in to production environments no longer requires tedious SSH key management or waiting for admins to manually give access.