Cased for Medtech

Increase engineering velocity through collaboration, and approval workflows while staying compliant and following the strict regulations that come within the healthcare industry.

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HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant audit trails for any app

Gain visibility and oversight into who's doing what. Stay compliant.

Reporting and activity monitoring

Monitor and track activity in any tool for incident investigations, auditors, and operations.

Real identity for remote shells

Link SSH activity to GSuite, Okta, and SAML users. Use a single source of identity across your entire stack.


In the regulated medtech world of highly-sensitive data, companies must adopt strict rules around production access and production work. If you're looking to maintain great developer experience in such an environment, Cased is a superb solution. Cased is a web application that you run on your own infrastructure - giving you the tools for a world-class developer experience while staying secure and compliant.

Cased is HIPAA compliant and features a robust security and compliance model. Cased uses one-time use SSH certificates for production access—the best practice for SSH—meaning no more SSH keys to manage. Cased also brings two-factor approval workflows to sensitive production operations, and you can customize these approval requirements to meet your needs. Every production SSH session within your organization will be logged and recorded for visibility—compliance for production work is a breeze.


Remote work is everywhere, and so remote collaboration has never been more important. Cased includes features such as session sharing - allowing developers to share previously-siloed terminal sessions with others to follow along in real time. Cased features session replays as well-production engineers and compliance teams can look back at an old SSH session to see everything that happened. And Cased offers session monitoring, so you can monitor every live SSH session in real time.

Not only are these features beneficial for collaboration between developers - Cased enables collaboration between technical and non-technical groups within the company. Sales engineers can now follow along with developers in real time to learn more about the product they need to demo.