Cased for SaaS

Engineering velocity and flexibility are key for growth. Use world class developer tooling to bring people together and facilitate collaboration.

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Get the prompt you need 10x faster.

Stop searching for IP addresses or container hashes. Cased intelligently discovers the prompts you need.

Collaboration through remote sessions

Securely share or record SSH sessions to simplify knowledge sharing and auditing of activity.

Developer friendly APIs

Our APIs make it easy to add access control, peer approval, and two-factor authentication to custom internal tools and admin control panels.

Engineering velocity in production

For a fast-growing engineering teams, speed and flexibility are key—and getting engineers onboarded and ready to contribute quickly is a must.

With Cased you can onboard new engineers into production environments in minutes, safely and securely. Access to remote hosts is configured through your existing identity provider—no new access control systems to setup. And Cased uses short-lived SSH certificates—the best practice for SSH—meaning no SSH keys to worry about.

For sensitive operations or critical changes, Cased offers two factor approval workflows that you can customize to meet your needs. Logging into production is as simple as logging into any other of your secure, SSO-based apps: no more dealing with tedious SSH key management or waiting for admins to manually give access.

Productivity benefits continue long past onboarding. Getting to the prompt you need in Cased is easier than ever, and designed for the cloud-native, container-based era. With Cased, there is no need to search for container hashes, hostnames, or IP addresses. Cased intelligently discovers the prompts and hosts you need via auto-host discovery—your engineering team can quickly address production issues without having to scramble, and do day-to-day production tasks without having to search through wikis or random documentation to lookup a hostname or a way to access a particular prompt or program.

Developer Experience

With global remote work as an emerging default, engineering teams need to be even better at asynchronous work and learning. Cased helps with features such as session monitoring, session replays, session sharing, and activity logs. With visibility and async workflows, Cased helps you build an open engineering culture with a focus on learning.

Cased makes communication easy between developers. Knowledge sharing and auditing of activity is simple with Cased - simply share the link to your SSH shell and let other developers follow you in real-time.

And the benefits extend even outside an engineering organization. For training on demos or POCs, sales engineers and technical support teams can learn production workflows through session sharing and recordings.

Ease of use

Cased is easy to setup - running on your own infrastructure, it's a lightweight, standalone application that's trivial to manage and install, and makes daily production work a breeze. For AWS users we have a Terraform module to setup Cased Shell on ECS, featuring end-to-end encryption.

Not only is it easy to setup—it's easy to use. Cased brings the power of web technologies and real identity management to SSH - all through a powerful, convenient interface.

Need to jump into a prompt? The Cased dashboard will have all your recent hosts to jump to in one-click.

Need to upload a file to edit? Just drag and drop a file from Finder to the Cased web-based shell interface.

Need to find a key word? Use the search function to find the information you are looking for.

Need to see what commands you ran last session? Use session replays to look back on everything you did in your last SSH session. Cased makes working in production easier than ever before.