Cased Security

How we keep Cased and your data safe

Our infrastructure and application

Physical Infrastructure

All of our data and servers are hosted in physically-secure Amazon Web Services facilities, featuring world-class on-site security and monitoring.


We store and transmit all your data using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. Cased API endpoints can only be accessed via HTTPS.

Active threat mitigation

We activitely monitor our systems for attempted network intrusion, attempted data access, and more.

Sensitive data

Cased Audit Trails provides easy-to-use, built-in API features that allow you to specify data as sensitive, hiding it by default in the Cased UI and requiring a reason for access.

Client technology

Client security

The Cased client is a light-weight Python application that runs only when invoked when a user attempts to run a guarded application. It works without sidecars and agents, reducing risk. It has minimal access to your system, and it is distributed transparently via industry-standard package managers.

We use our own tools

We protect all our deployments and sensitive data access with Cased CLI, enjoying the benefits of peer approvals and a detailed audit trail of all actions.

Internal security


All employees, whether directly involved in engineering or not, are required to undergo full security training, including phishing awareness, protection of devices, and more.

Rigorous Device Management

We manage all employee devices through a central MDM product, and use continuous monitoring of systems for endpoint protection.


HIPAA Compliant

Cased is fully HIPAA compliant and can store and transmit sensitive medical data for our customers and your customers.

SOC 2 Type II in progress

Cased has nearly completed its SOC 2 Type II audit, and can provide documentation of relevant processes and controls.