Keep your team's velocity high without sacrificing security or compliance

Security and Compliance

Stay SOC 2 compliant with organization-wide visibility

There is no silver bullet for security at the enterprise level. For every enterprise customer, there are a number of infosec standards and regulations that must be met before they can even think about using your software. Luckily, Cased is built as an end to end solution for enterprises that only takes minutes to get up and running on your environment.

Cased helps enterprises meet SOC2, ISO-27001, and HIPAA compliant standards with audit trails for every SSH session. Production access is provisioned with your existing IDP coupled with SSH certificates, so onboarding and offboarding can be done in minutes. For organization-wide visibility into their production systems, Cased provides SSH access and per-command approvals. And lastly, Cased is deployed on your infrastructure only. No data comes in or out.



Knowledge sharing in production

Production work no longer needs to operate in the dark. It shouldn’t be isolated in your local terminal with no visibility, or uniformity. It shouldn’t create friction. Engineers shouldn't have to go through rabbit holes to find the information they need.

With Cased, you can create a standardized technical foundation for all of your production work. Need help fixing a tricky customer escalation? Share your live production session with another engineer to help you solve the issue quicker. Need to back up a database or fetch a query? Automate the task with Cased Runbooks or use an in-terminal snippet for reusable one-liners of code. With standardized, codified processes, you can collaborate in production safely.


Engineering Velocity and DevEx

More autonomy to the engineers that make your product

Developers already only spend around 30-40% of their time doing the work they truly love, writing code. Especially at the enterprise level, there are a multitude of idle times and blockers engineers experience.

With Cased you can give more autonomy to your engineers by safely removing the bottlenecks that slow down your engineers. Coupled with approval workflows, your engineers can access the production prompt they need in just one-click. And once they're in a shell, they can use reusable code snippets to easily get the task done. For more complex production workflows, Cased Runbooks can automate these processes. Remove the fear of working in production by using approval workflows and standardized, codified, runbooks to greatly reduce the chance of operator error.