Compliant SSH and Kubernetes access for Fintech

Fix production problems like a startup, not a bank. Move faster and empower your engineers without compromising security and compliance.

Security and Compliance

Stay compliant

We provide an out-of-the-box solution to help keep your production systems compliant with the multitude of infosec regulations without compromising your engineering velocity. You deploy our application on your own infrastructure; none of your data will be visible to any parties besides your own.

Additionally, all operations are logged to know who exactly is running what in production with our access and per-command approvals, SSH certificates, and searchable audit trails. We give your engineers the confidence to work in production.


Visibility and Collaboration

Break down silos in your production environment

Transparency and collaboration is a must for companies to be able to work freely and effectively. We offer visibility features such as SSH session sharing, session replays, and activity logs so that all activity is logged and well-documented.

This level of visibility allows you to empower your developers and give them production access, via approval workflows, enabling them to work securely while maximizing their ability to collaborate with others.


Engineering Velocity and DevEx

Work smarter, not harder

We are a modern engineering enablement platform that makes the tools you already love work together. Access the prompt or host you need in one-click and automate the complex tasks your engineering teams do everyday.

Review production commands the way you review code. Make fewer mistakes and exceed your SLAs with our runbooks that allow you to connect with any REST API, shell command, or tool like PagerDuty and GitHub.