HIPAA Compliant SSH Access

Cased makes SSH access and production environments compliant with HIPAA in minutes.


Have complete control over your organization

Healthcare companies deal with highly sensitive information so it's crucial that IT and security teams can understand who is access production environments.

Cased lets you share, monitor and replay SSH sessions as everything is recorded. Not only are SSH sessions documented in detail, but we have searchable audit trails for every session that are SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.


Security and Compliance

HIPAA Compliant and SSH best practices

Cased is fully HIPAA compliant and has a suite of security features to increase visibility and control within your company. We use the best practice for SSH, ephemeral SSH certificates, to grant access to sessions that can be required to need additional peer approval.

In addition to approvals for access, we have two factor per-command approval workflows for operations that use your favorite CLI tool. It's perfect for keeping information internal since we run on your own infrastructure.


Engineering Velocity with Runbooks

Automate complex production tasks and reduce mistakes

When dealing with sensitive information such as patient data, there needs to be cautions put in place. With our runbooks, your developers can run queries without ever directly accessing production. Keep private data secure under your own terms.