SaaS Companies

Engineering velocity and flexibility are key for growth. Use world class developer tooling to bring people together and facilitate collaboration.

Engineering Velocity

Ship more features and resolve incidents faster

Every week, your team wastes hours doing tedious, repetitive tasks. With Cased Runbooks, we can automate your busy and complex work to make it a one-click process.

Additionally, with our approval workflows and ephemeral SSH certificates - your developers no longer have to wait for long processes to do critical production work. Logging in to production environments to resolve a critical SEV1 takes just one-click. And there'll be less downtime since there will be far less errors. You can do code review for production scripts and queries before they run.


Developer Experience

One platform, one single source of truth

It's not efficient needing to have multiple applications open to complete a task. It'd be easier if all the tools you use and love were accessible in one platform. Whether you're debugging in production, needing to run a MySQL query, updating a GitHub Issue, or looking through searchable audit trails, it's all in one place with Cased.

Cased empowers an open engineering culture since all work is visible, logged and subject for additional approval. No more working in isolated silos. Your engineers can have finally have the ownership they sought after for the code they write - from development all the way to production.


Access Control

Administer IAM policies easier than ever

Cased lets you provision access to your favorite CLI tools and infrastructure exactly how you want it. Add a user to a remote host as easily as quickly as you add a user to a GitHub repository by provisioning users via your existing IdP. Use our built-in groups and permissions to delegate which server they have access to.

For even more customization, you can configure approvals for what tools they have access to like terraform per-command. Whitelist harmless commands and request approval for powerful ones.