Go to market faster by unblocking your engineers safely and securely.

Engineering Velocity and DevEx

Keep your engineers in flow

Interruptions are costly. Research consistently shows that the mental cost associated with switching tasks can mean a 40% slowdown in finishing a challenging task. Ask any software engineer, and they'll confirm it. You need to unblock engineers and keep them in flow.

Cased helps by removing the most common production work blockers that engineers encounter everyday. Developers no longer have to wait for access to a production host: jump into the prompt you need 10x faster in just one-click. Leverage searchable, reusable code snippets right from a shell to get common processes done quicker. And for the complex production workflows your team runs everyday, easily automate these processes with Cased Runbooks.


Cross-functional Collaboration

Keep up with what's happening in production

To move fast, teams are going to have to share a lot of responsibilities, employees are going to have to work cross-functionally together, increasing the autonomy per employee by decentralizing decision making and tasks.

With approval-based workflows, you can break down silos by providing other teams access to any production system. Whether it's giving the product team access to see how the latest feature works in production, or having support run a query without direct production access via runbooks, teams can confidently collaborate in production.



Move in the right direction, from the start

Every startup wants to do things right—but of course there's never time. But with Cased, you can use tooling to lay a strong foundation in three critical engineering areas: access control and compliance, developer automation, and overall visibility. And then your developer's precious time can go to building product.

Create a shared knowledge base cross-functionally with automated production runbooks and code snippets. Become SOC2, HIPAA and ISO-27001 compliant by having all of your production shell sessions logged and audited. Onboard new engineers in minutes by linking SSH access and activity to your existing IdP. Review production commands before they’re run as if you’re reviewing a GitHub PR. Administer production access via ephemeral SSH certificates. Cased enables you to move faster without compromising security and compliance.