Smart and flexible tool access as you grow

Add multi-factor auth, approval workflows, and audit trails to the tools that run your business — without frustrating your team

Keep any command line tool available to your team by adding the visibility and controls you need.

Monitor usage, require peer approvals for sensitive operations, and receive intelligent alerts to suspicious activity.

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CLI example

Increase productivity by unlocking the internal web applications that run your business.

Add approval workflows and compliant audit trails to any web applications in minutes. Require peer approval on sensitive operations and monitor sensitive data access.

API example

Add visibility, insights, and controls to your mission critical tools.


All activity is logged in Cased's HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified audit trails, providing an immutable record of who did what and why.

Cased CLI dashboard
Cased CLI dashboard


Trigger alerts when suspicious activity is detected and generate reports that demonstrate regulatory compliance to auditors.


Add two-factor authentication and peer-approvals workflows to sensitive operations––whether it be starting a new database session or impersonating a user to troubleshoot an issue.

Cased works with your stack

Integrate with the most popular developer tools and SaaS products to ensure the tools that power your company are protected.

With Cased's REST APIs you can integrate into custom and internal tools securely.


Our first priority is security

Cased is SOC 2 Type II certified, HIPAA compliant, and uses AES-256 bit encryption on data in transit and at rest.

About Cased

Cased was founded in 2020 on the belief that being secure and compliant shouldn't require teams to restrict access to critical tools or slow down product development. We build developer friendly tools and workflows that seamlessly deliver the visibility, insight, and controls that companies need.

Our team has led and built large-scale developer tools at high-growth companies like GitHub, Facebook, Yelp, and Simple.

Backed by the best

Founders Fund

We're backed by Founders Fund and angel investors from Facebook, Google, GitHub, Heroku, and LinkedIn.