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Runbooks from the future

Automate complex production tasks and reduce mistakes

Fewer mistakes means more uptime. Cased Runbooks automate the complex tasks that engineering, operations, and support teams do every day.

Connect shell commands, REST APIs, Slack, GitHub, PagerDuty, database queries and more to build secure and reliable runbooks that your whole team can use.

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A terminal built for Enterprise teams

Connect to prompts and hosts securely with a click

Control and provision production access with your company's Enterprise identity provider and jump to any prompt with one click.

Share live terminal sessions, search a comprehensive audit trail of production access, and record videos for documentation or debugging purposes.

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Code review for production

Review production shell commands, SQL queries, or scripts before they're run

Most downtime is caused by human error and not code. Review production commands the way you review code.

Cased allows you to specify rules for which commands should be reviewed and approved before being run in production.

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Enterprise-ready security, right now

Production access and audit logs connected to your SCIM

Stop sharing SSH keys and passwords. Provision, manage, and track production access with your identity provider.

Every production session is fully logged to a searchable audit trail.

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Production connected to your SCIM

Link SSH activity to GSuite, Okta, and SAML users. Use a single source of identity across your entire stack. See a history of who has done what with Cased's audit trails.

See what's happening in real time

Confidently give access to critical tools with live viewing of production sessions, a comprehensive audit log, video playback of sessions, and metrics on production access.

Code review for commands

Bring the confidence of code review to the command line, add approval workflows to sensitive operations.

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Still using SSH keys in 2022?

Cased uses SSH certificates, the best practice for SSH access. No more SSH key management.

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Video playback of remote sessions

Securely record sessions to simplify knowledge sharing and auditing of activity.

Compliant audit trails

All activity is recorded in SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant audit trails that security teams love.