The terminal for teams

Open a production shell from a browser, collaborate in shared sessions, and bring the confidence of code review to any command––without the hassle of SSH keys.

Fast growing companies use Cased to improve developer experience

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Start a production shell in a browser

Visibility starts with identity. Provision production access using your identity provider––know who's doing what and why.

Get the prompt you need 10x faster. Stop searching for IP addresses or container hashes, Cased intelligently discovers the prompts you need.

Approval workflows on any command. Bring the confidence of code review to any command by requiring peer approval of sensitive operations.

SSH best practices out of the box. Seamlessly replace SSH keys with SSH certificates and follow the best practices of the largest tech companies in the world.

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Good developer experience means a happier, more productive engineering team.

Real identity for remote shells

Link SSH activity to GSuite, Okta, and SAML users. Use a single source of identity across your entire stack.

Instant command line visibility

Record and audit any session. See who's doing what and easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Just in time approvals

Bring the confidence of code review to any command, add approval workflows to sensitive operations.

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Video playback of sessions

Securely record sessions to simplify knowledge sharing and auditing of activity.

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Compliant audit trails

All activity is recorded in SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant audit trails that security teams love.

Open source building blocks

Cased takes an API first approach to everything, see the code and customize as you see fit.

About Cased

Cased was founded in 2020 on the belief that great developer experience is the foundation of engineering productivity. We give companies the building blocks they need to deliver a great developer experience.

Our team has led and built large-scale developer tools at high-growth companies like GitHub, Facebook, Yelp, and Simple.

Backed by the best

Founders Fund

We're backed by Founders Fund and angel investors from Facebook, Google, GitHub, Heroku, and LinkedIn.