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Move fast. Stay compliant.

Cased Audit Trails help you meet compliance, security, and risk management obligations without slowing down.


Sensitive data access workflows

Set up rules to control who can approve access to sensitive data and ensure there is always a good reason to access it.

Powerful search and filtering

Incredibly fast search and filtering allow you to answer customer questions, respond to data requests, and quickly respond to security incidents.

SSO with SAML and OAuth

Manage access to Cased by allowing your team to log in through your existing, secure SSO provider.

APIs and SDKs for developers

All of Cased can be accessed via our REST APIs and open source REST APIs. SDKs and client libraries are available in all popular programming languages.

Enterprise-grade scale

Cased gives you the confidence to never lose an event. With robust durability and highly-available ingest systems, we can handle billions of your audit trail events per month with Enterprise-caliber uptime guarantees.

Tamper proof

Events in Cased are immutable and cannot be modified after they're received by Cased, guaranteeing your audit trail tells a complete and accurate story.

Custom reports

Export and automate reporting for compliance and security teams. Data can be securely exported to CSV, JSON, and other common formats.

GeoIP Location

We take care of the tedious parts of developing an audit trail, like setting the GeoIP location automatically when you send data to Cased.

Use cases

Close bigger sales deals by adding an audit trail to your product

Large Enterprise customers need to know what their employees are doing in your product. Adding your first audit trail events to Cased takes minutes and will help your sales team close larger deals.

Monitor who is accessing internal tools and customer data — and why

It's a scary truth but internal tools frequently lack adequate security controls, even thought they grant access to your company's most sensitive data. Understand who is accessing customer data, why they need access, and receive alerts when something suspicious occurs.