Small but mighty

We're a small team focused on building amazing developer tools

Cased was founded in 2020 by Ted Nyman and Ben Bleikamp. They met at GitHub as early employees leading the engineering, infrastructure, and design organizations.

Cased was founded to build tools that improve how developers work. We started with fixing one of the biggest pain points from our careers: SSH and production work.

We're lucky to be backed by some of the best people in the industry, including Founders Fund, GTM Fund, and angel investors from Meta, Google, Alibaba, GitHub, and Heroku.

Our values

We can make money without burning out

Our best work happens when we're well-rested. We don't expect people to work weekends or skip vacations. We trust our co-workers to work hard and manage their time well.

Any decision is better than a perfect decision

We bias towards action, make decisions quickly, and correct when necessary.

Push your boundaries

We encourage our teammates to move outside of their comfort zones and do work outside of their expertise.

Async first

We love spending time with our co-workers, brainstorming and having fun. But as a distributed team we favor async communication.

Technology can't solve people problems

We don't try to solve people problems with technology, we believe technology exists to augment, accelerate, and improve our work.