Manage incidents with Cased

Manage incidents with Cased

Apr 24, 2024

Today we're shipping Cased's new Incident Solution tooling, another feature to make daily DevOps work easier.

The always-on AI helps you solve production incidents faster—with analysis and context-aware solutions.

Connect tools, get answers

Cased connects to the tools you already use, like PagerDuty and Sentry, so you can get started right away. Incidents from these services go right to Cased—and Cased gets to work.

When an incident happens: first, Cased posts information to Slack, so everyone gets visibility. Cased quickly summarizes the incident, analyzes its severity, and even provides some quick resolution suggestions.

With fast initial context, you can dive in further.

Create an incident-specific Slack channel to work collaboratively.

Or pull up Cased's web view to see more AI-enabled insights—including detailed, relevant logs using Cased's log analysis technology.

Where we're heading

Right now, Cased helps you by bringing in context, data, and insights.

But soon, you'll be able to do even more, with more interaction and agent-like behavior, assisting you each step of the way to resolution— with a shared workspace, live updates, and back-and-forth question answering.

Oh, post-mortems, too!

And don't forget— after resolving the incident you need a post-mortem. Cased drafts a post-mortem for you (including discussions in Slack), giving you a head-start on finishing out the incident response process.

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© 2024 Cased, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Cased, Inc. All rights reserved.