Analyze logs and find insights with AI

Analyze logs and find insights with AI

Apr 9, 2024

Today we're introducing a new feature to make on-call easier: real-time log analysis & insights.

Connect your infrastructure to Cased, and just ask in Slack for logs you care about:

Within seconds, Cased will find relevant log entries and analyze them.

In the background, Cased uses AI to provide actionable insights and analysis of your log collections, and even of individual log entries.

All this is then available in a straight-forward web UI, where you can explore even further.

With log analysis:

  • Better incident response with cloud services. Quickly query logs across various AWS services like EC2, EKS, and Lambda. If there's a spike in error messages from Lambda functions indicating timeout issues, Cased will see it. Immediately zoom into the problematic Lambda functions, identify the timeout causes (e.g., an inefficient query in a database hosted on RDS), and initiate a fix.

  • Cut out noise. Logs are noisy, so by filtering in plain language you can get to the heart of the matter faster. Fast context matters on-call.

  • Work with both application and system logs. Problems usually span more than one facet of your system: Cased's AI can help find relations between your application and its underlying infra, helping you find correlations and connections.

Operating software gets easier with Cased—quickly gain context and confidence so you can ship faster. Sign up for early access.

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© 2024 Cased, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Cased, Inc. All rights reserved.